American Rebel Coffee Concentrate


American Rebel Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate


American Rebel coffee concentrate is the result of 20 years of air roasting and blending coffee specifically designed for cold brewing. Smooth and silky with less acidity than other brewing method. Combine with milk for a delicious iced latte or dilute with water for a smooth and flavorful straight iced coffee. Heck, you can drink it straight out of the bottle for a ultra concentrated blast, or pour a little over your ice cream for super sweet treat. I add it to my morning protein shake too. So many options! This very special blend of concentrated cold brew is steeped for 18 hours then filtered through a high density natural filter and bottled immediately  into 12.5 oz. (375 ml.) glass whiskey flasks . Warning! this stuff is super addictive.



Ethically sourced 100% Arabica coffee beans, Filtered natural Ozark well water.



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