Conundrum Espresso



Espresso, one of the most difficult conundrums for the coffee experts of our day. Conundrum means (a confusing and difficult problem or question) With this in mind I’m breaking traditional coffee roasting methods and have created a roasting profile that is modern, which means a lighter roast than what you may have had in the past. Single origin espressos have become the main stream these days. The problem I find is many are under developed so when they are extracted for espresso the taste is harsh and astringent with a grassy, lemony sourness. This is not what I would call enjoyable, although many have developed a taste for this type of espresso, I think it could be greatly improved upon.

Conundrum Espresso is comprised of a single origin coffee that is ever changing but because of my special air roasting techniques applied during the roasting process I am able to produce a very intense espresso that is smooth with a myriad of complex flavors. Myriad means (a countless or extremely great number)  So what you will experience is thick body, and persistent crema, a sweetness in the acidity that is not harsh and complexity through out as you sip the espresso.


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