Colombia Huila Garzon 12oz

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Flavor: Cherry, Green Apple, and Milk Chocolate, hazelnut,  bright acidity and heavy body


The Municipality of Garzón is located in the center of Huila Province. With 6838 coffee farms and 8508 hectares dedicated to coffee farming, Garzón’s economy centers around coffee. Coffee comprises 45% of the agro income in the region, and 78% of the labor for the locals. The average farm size is 3.5 hectares, but average coffee area is only 1.5 hectares.


Garzón receives between 50 to 60 inches of rainfall per year, with dry periods December to February and June to September. There is also an important hydric deficit from July to September.Location: Cerrado, Brazil



This coffee comes from 36 producers in the Garzon municipality of the Huila province. Only ripe cherries were picked, and the beans were fermented (for varying amounts of time, depending on the altitude of each farm) and then washed and dried on patios and in some cases also drying silos. The parchment was delivered to the Garzon buying station between August and early September 2017; the dedicated dry milling process took place the first week of December; and the coffee was shipped the first half of January 2018.