Coffee prices

Posted by Ed Kuhlman on

I hate to see it, you hate to see it, and they hate to see it. Prices going up!

As many of you know, I've managed to keep my prices down, and in fact, I offered a discount throughout this entire pandemic. I run business lean so that more people can enjoy high end specialty coffee. With that being said, my raw coffee prices have risen over 25% just in the past month and a half. I build in a margin to absorb the fluctuating prices of raw coffee, however, its well beyond my ability at this point and thus I must increase my prices. I will mention that my prices are still considerably lower then other specialty coffees of this caliber.

I will be rewarding my regular customers with special discounts, but you have to be signed up on my email list to get the coupons so get signed up so you don't miss out.

I truly appreciate all-ya'll more then you will ever know.