Happy New Year 2021

Posted by Ed Kuhlman on

Happy New Year! I wanted to let y’all know how grateful and thankful I am for all-y’all that purchase my coffees! Additionally,  I’m continuing my Covid19 discount, however, I had to adjust it a bit as new crop coffees are costing me more as well as higher freight costs. In case you weren’t aware, I’m a sole proprietor and that means I am the only employee 😂 I do it all. I source, evaluate, purchase, roast, bag, and market my coffee. I own outright all my equipment and pay cash in advance for everything, so I’m not leveraged with debt. This is how I keep costs to a minimum and allows me to pass that savings on to you. I will continue to provide the highest quality specialty coffee available. My motivation has always been to make fantastic coffees affordable for everyone. So thanks again for continuing to support my small business. Y’all are the best!!!