Papua New Guinea Organic

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Cupping Notes : Dark Chocolate, Black Tea, Plum. 

Simbai Balus Kopi (Simbai Airplane Coffee) comes from the Simbai region, just over the Bismarck Range that borders the Western Highlands Province and Sepik Province. Volcafe PNG, works with over 4,000 farmers in this isolated region across four airstrips to get them the support they need.

All coffee from Simbai is transported via plane. In order for Simbai farmers to access the supply chain, they must bring their coffee to an airstrip. It’s not easy – some farmers have a day’s journey from their farm to the airfields. Once the coffee arrives, it’s weighed in parchment, recorded, and stored in Volcafe PNG’s warehouses.

Volcafe PNG lines up charter flights whenever there’s enough coffee for a planeload. Our sister company also organizes the freight and staff support for the outbound journey from the airstrip to help cover part of the charter cost (usually around $2,000 USD). The coffee from Simbai is then transported to Mt. Hagen, where it joins there global supply chain.

The rich terroir of Simbai lends itself to wonderful sweetness, filled with chocolate and tropical fruit flavors, and a full-bodied, buttery quality representative of washed PNG coffee.