Papua New Guinea Organic

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Coffee was established here in the 1930s. Plants were brought in by Lutheran missionaries, for their own consumption, and are said to be decedents of Jamaican Blue Mountain plants.

Timuza is produced by a group of certified farmers within the Timuza/Namura cooperative, with New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports (NGHCE).

The group consists of 207 coffee families, who together farm 274 hectares (678 Acres). The soil is loamy and rich with volcanic ash, the weather is hot and wet year round, and the coffee is shaded by Casuarina (a weepy evergreen), Albizia (also known as silk trees), Schzomeria, and Stemona (a family of vines). The co-op is audited yearly, in the spring, for its Organic certification. 

The coffee is hand picked, hand pulped, washed in clean river water, dried in the sun 0n raise beds, (some some of the only raised beds anywhere in PNG) and delivered as parchment to the receiving station, where it’s machine hulled and polished.

The Timuza receiving station also has its own tiny warehouse. Because producers will travel quite a distance to deliver to the co-op, which appreciates and pays a premium for quality, they are building a little sleeping loft in a corner of the warehouse, so that producers who arrive late can stay the night before returning home. 

Cupping Notes : Juicy acidity, fruit punch, raspberry, savory; creamy body